Beliefs and Vision

 St. Peter’s Church Vision
Our church is devoted to making lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. To do this, we envision ministries that present the gospel of Jesus Christ in many ways and settings to all ages of people. We will do this at our main worship center in Seven Valleys and it will extend through our community in southern York County as well as to places around the world including our mission plant in Barahona, Dominican Republic. As people commit their lives to Jesus Christ through intentional interaction, we will mentor them to grow in their faith to enable them to grow spiritually.
Our mentoring ministries take on many different forms. It will be spiritually mature men mentoring younger men in the walk of faith. It will be spiritually mature women working alongside of younger women. It will include leadership development and training so that we are consistently preparing the next generation of leaders for the church. Mentoring, equipping, training and spiritual growth will take place in and through our core ministries:
Life groups
Men’s groups
Women’s groups
Youth ministry
Children’s ministry
Nursery ministry
Couple’s ministry
Grief ministry
We plan all of our ministries to guide the spiritual growth of all of our members in three key areas. First, to know what the Bible says in all sixty-six books. We teach the essential elements of our faith and what we believe on a regular and consistent basis. These teachings will always follow our statement of faith. We teach our members how to grow in their faith by spiritual habits such as prayer, Bible study, worship, service, evangelism, fellowship, fasting, and many others. We teach these core concepts of our faith in our regular sermon series on Sunday mornings and by our core ministries that meet throughout the week including children, youth, life group, men’s group and women’s group.
We actively pursue engagement of mission’s work by our members. Our goal is that every member of our church is volunteering to serve at a mission outside of St. Peter’s. That may be at our mission plant in the Dominican Republic, at New Life for Mothers and Children in Glen Rock, or other mission’s opportunities that arise in our community.
Our mission’s plant in the Barahona, Dominican Republic seeks to lead children, youth, and adults to know Jesus Christ as Savior and to grow in relationship with Him. We partner with Borderless Hope to achieve our mission in the Dominican Republic, while also supporting other missionaries on the island of Hispaniola to see consistent outreach growth.
To facilitate these expanding ministries, we will fund raise for, begin construction of, and occupy an addition to our current facilities that will provide additional classrooms for children and youth. This new facility will also house an expanded fellowship hall for meals and sporting events. This additional ministry area will enable us to continue to grow numerically, as we continue to make disciples of the people in our church and those who become new Christians for the years to come.
While ministry is not based on a building, a new facility will enable us to host many more community events that seek to attract and engage young families to a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ. We envision everything that we do will be enveloped in the love of God as we express our love for His people in our church, our community, our country, and our world.