Gifts of Grace

Gifts of Grace
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   The Gifts of Grace ministry is an eBay store created for the sole purpose of raising money to support the missions ministry of our church.

 Here’s how it works:

    We ask for donations of unwanted stuff from our congregation to be dropped off at church to be sold. Everyone has stuff they want / need to get rid of, this is a great way for us to help them do that all the while generating donations for our mission programs. There is a lot to be said about the phrase “ONE MANS TRASH IS ANOTHER MANS TREASURE” and eBay is a great way to watch that happen.  We will just accept anything because you never know what someone is shopping for on eBay.

   After donations are delivered to church, the items will be posted to the “Gifts of Grace” store on eBay.  When an item is sold, 100% of the profit from the sale will be provided to our missions fund.

   If you wish to donate to the ministry, you may contact the program coordinators, George & Karen Christas at or you may call the church office at 428-3559.

  To check out the Gifts of Grace store, click here.