We support individuals and ministries around the world that share our passion to Prepare People for Eternity.  These ministries act as extensions of St. Peter’s, as we faithfully support them with prayers and financial support. 


Jason & Jessica – Capetown, South Africa:

Jason and Jessica are based in Capetown, South Africa, and are focused on bringing the Gospel to college students on campus at the University of Cape Town. Their focus is not only to reach the students on campus, but to also actively engaged in ministries that reach children, youth and adults in the surrounding community.  For more information about their outreach, you may email Jessica at jessicastanier@gmail.com.

Liz – Lyon, France: 
Liz is located in Lyon, France and ministers there to the North African Muslim population in the city by actively engaging the people through daily relational living. 
Least of These Ministries – Barahona, Dominican Republic:
Least of These Ministries provides one meal per week to the people living in the bateys of the Dominican Republic.  Bateys are work camps for men and their families who work the sugar cane fields.  They take teams from the USA on missions trip to the Dominican Republic to help build infrastructure to support ministry in the bateys.  Work projects include building churches, building water treatment plants, and building sanitary services to aid in the care for people of the bateys. 
Michael Acosta Urbanez – Barahona, Dominican Republic:
Michael is our “boots on the ground” for the work Borderless Hope does in the Dominican Republic. He coordinates Borderless Hope’s work with our sponsor students in Batey 9 and prepares for all our mission teams. Michael also pastors several churches in the mountain regions in Barahona and mentors pastors to care for their people and lead churches in these regions. He leads two feeding programs that minister to widows and has Bible studies to share the gospel with them.

Borderless Hope – Sharon Bailey Soullier – Barahona, Dominican Republic:
Borderless Hope exists to serve Christ and be the voice that brings HOPE to the people in rural areas of Barahona, Dominican Republic. Our mission is to enable them to one day be self-sufficient and no longer need a helping hand.

The youth are the future leaders of the Dominican Republic. The growth of the country and the key to breaking the cycle of poverty depends on their education. Better work opportunities can be secured which will decrease crime and prostitution. Education will have a local and global impact.