Men’s Ministry


Our men’s ministry seeks to develop a deep community of encouragement, accountability, and fun. Our desire is to see the men’s ministry of our church encourage our men to:

Laugh. Not take ourselves too seriously. To enjoy fellowship with other men as we participate together in fun activities.

Learn. The willingness to realize that none of us has all the answers, and the humility to submit to one another in order to learn and grow in all areas of our lives.

Live. The courage to explore, acknowledge and face those fears that have kept us from reaching out in risky love to one another and to those whom God has placed in our lives.

Leave a Spiritual and Relational Legacy. In the words of Stephen Covey: Plant a tree under which we know we may never sit.  Are others freer and safer to be themselves, more encouraged, edified, growing? Do they feel accepted and loved? Have they seen a little bit of Jesus because of having known us? Love. Not just romantic love, but growing in our desire to give our ourselves the betterment of others without expecting anything in return.


Wednesday: starting September 7th at 8:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall. We will be studying, “Where do we go from here?” by Dr. David Jeremiah. It will cover topics like “End Times People,” “Spiritual Famine,” “Chaos,” and “Falling Away,” amongst other topics. We will meet every two weeks and will light coffee and light refreshments to begin our meeting.  Please come out and join us for this exciting study and see Pastor Tom if you have any questions. (Led by Pastor Tom)